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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Text Comparator

Download link (v1.3): (Softpedia)

v1.3 Changes:
- "Alternative 2" comparison process is now 2 x Faster
- "Alternative 2" comparison process minor bug related with Unicode surrogates characters (Fixed)

v1.2 Changes:
- Fixed a bug where "Alternative 2" comparison process could not handle the so called Unicode "Surrogate" characters (from 55296 to 56319)
- Now the both comparison process can handle Unicode characters from 1 to 1114111

v1.1 Changes:
- Users now can see the detailed information of any "Un-Match" occurrence found!
- The Matched strings before the "Un-Match" occurrence are highlighted in "Text1" and "Text2" boxes automatically

Text Comparator
Text comparison
String Comparator
String comparison

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