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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Multi One Password

Multi One Password is a portable tool that allows you to generate multiple random passwords with one unique password!

The most recommended hash type option to be used is SHA512, but since not all websites allow passwords that contain 128 characters to be used, so the other hash type options such as SHA256, MD5 or even CRC32 may come in handy for such websites! (With the addition of "Length" option, now you should always use "SHA512" hash type option!)

Users "Unique Passwords" (aka "Master Passwords") are well salted with large "Random Codes" generated by the tool, then they are hashed! The hashed strings are the users "Final Passwords" that can be used to signup\login into websites, encrypt\decrypt files, and so on ...!
The main advantage of Multi One Password over the other password-manager\generator tools is that even if hackers or other unauthorized people get access to the users data files, users should not get worried because Multi One Password tool does not store the users "Unique Passwords" (aka "Master Passwords") and does not store the other passwords as well (in this case, the "Final Passwords") into their data files!

Almost all Password Managers are unsafe because most of them save users encrypted\hashed passwords in files that are stored or locally in the users computers or in the Cloud!

The only safe Password Manager that does not store users encrypted\hashed passwords neither locally in the users computers nor in the Cloud, is "Multi One Password"!

Even CrackQ "Hundreds of Billions of Guesses per Second" is not a threat at all for "Multi One Password" tool! (Click here for demonstration and more info!)

Since 18 Feb 2020, TeraHash(Click here) still didn't crack the bellow 1 character long SHA512 hashed password (which is a lowercase letter) with its $1.4 Million configuration of 448 x GeForce RTX 2080 GPUs:


That's really embarrassing!

Bcrypt (vs) Multi One Password! (Click Here)

Iterations and Extra Salt - Multi One Password (Click Here)

Overkill strategies for Advanced users who take security with some extra level of Caution! (Optional):
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Get it from CNET!

Download - v1.4:



Multi One Password
Generate multiple random passwords with one unique password