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We develop useful Portable Tools for Windows OS!
(They demand no installation at all!)

Extract and execute them on the go from any storage device!

They are tested on 32\64 bit Win7/8/10/11
(May work on XP and Vista!)

We deliver Simplicity, Functionality and Productivity!

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Microsoft Store

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Many of our clients and donors prefer to buy "Activation codes" or
donate their money through Facebook Messenger!

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Microsoft Store

The tools listed below are already available at Microsoft Store!

Links to Microsoft Store:

Multi Share Calculator (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Multi Sum Calculator (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Multi One Password (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Multi String Search (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Multi String Replacer (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

BinHex CryPactor (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Real-Time JavaScript Tool (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)


Rule of 3 Calculator (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Insight Follow Manager (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

AlwaysOnTop Switch (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Cover Windows (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Key InFormer (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Keyboard and Mouse Locker (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Last Real Shutdown (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Password Sender (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Un-Hider (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

String Sort (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Text Comparator (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Unicode Crypter (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Unicode Chars Generator (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)

Unicode Chars Number (Web Store - "APPX" Installer)


Keyboard and Mouse Locker (App Store - "MSI" Installer)

For our paid tools, you can buy "Activation" codes from Microsoft Store!

For our free tools, you can donate by buying 1 or more "Activation" code\s of any of our paid tools from Microsoft Store as well!

Thank you!

Unfortunately, most traditional Win32 Apps from "Microsoft Web Store", in which are installed with "MSIX" or "APPX" packages, tend to don't work properly, that's why most developers don't make their traditional Win32 Apps available at "Microsoft Web Store"!

We tried our best to make our traditional Win32 Apps available at "Microsoft Web Store", but unfortunately, like in most cases, they don't work properly as well, so we decided to make them unavailable for download from the "Microsoft Web Store"!

Alternatively, we will possibly submit our traditional Win32 Apps to "Microsoft App Store" in which allows traditional Win32 Apps to be installed with "MSI" or "EXE" packages, allowing them to work properly and as intended!

Microsoft Web Store:
Microsoft App Store:

If "Microsoft Store" app can't find or install traditional "MSI" or "EXE" Win32 apps, it means that the "Microsoft Store" app itself needs to be updated!

Make sure the Windows OS is using at least 2 or more CPUs core, otherwise, "Microsoft Store" app may get stuck at "Starting Download" while installing "MSI" or "EXE" apps! ("MSConfig" can be used to check or set the number of CPUs core that the Windows OS can use!)

If the Windows OS is being run in a virtual machine, make sure the virtual machine is using 2 or more CPUs core in order to prevent the above problem as well! (Click here to know more!)

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