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Friday, July 14, 2017

Multi String Replacer

Multi String Replacer is a small and portable application that can be used to replace multiple strings at once. Its main functionality is String Swapping in which can be easily and quickly done. String swapping consists on replacing WordX with WordY and WordY with WordX. Most (if not all) Find\Replace tools and Text Editors out there don't support String Swapping functionality.

String Swapping (Example)

User Original text is: A B Boy Girl Dog Cat Land Sky

Replace A with B, B with A, Boy with Girl, Girl with Boy, Dog with Cat, Cat with Dog, Land with Sky, Sky with Land

User Output text is: B A Girl Boy Cat Dog Sky Land

Others Find\Replace tools and Text Editors return the wrong output as shown below:

A A Boy Boy Dog Dog Land Land

  • Replace multiple strings at once
  • String Swapping functionality (Replace WordX with WordY and WordY with WordX)
  • RegEx (Regular Expressions can be used)
  • Simple Random Text Encryption\Decryption
  • Built-in and custom characters Escaping System can be created
  • Save/Load user Settings
  • Export Output into ".txt" File

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or download here: (Softpedia)

Multi String Replacer - Replace Multiple Strings
Replace multiple characters and strings at the same time
Replace multiple characters and strings at once
Characters and string escaping system
Characters and string encryption decryption
RegEx - Regular Expressions

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